SACHA Solutions is a part of SACHA Group, which is a group of companies with approx. 600 Associates, at 10 locations in India, Germany, UK, Finland & Vietnam.

SACHA Solutions specializes in Information Technology area and is focused on creating and optimizing, both business and engineering, processes.

Add. Value.

Add. Value. is our Mission and is realised by our 6 Stage practice framework.

The end measurement is very simple. We look for only 2 parameters;

  1. Happier Customers

  2. Successful Customers

Our Family Values

Our 5 Core Family Values:


  1. Entrepreneurial     : our approach

  2. Teamwork             : our style and our strength

  3. Happiness            : our base configuration

  4. Improve                 : our journey

  5. Quality                   : our every job



Whenever we are in doubt and our mind is not sure, we have to check w.r.t. our 1 Touchstone Value:


  • Professional  : our touchstone, when we are not sure


The Team

Others find us a loud, outspoken and very often,

an argumentative bunch of people.


May be you will, as well !


The reason is we are always, 

  • looking to stretch our own limits

  • find possibilities for our customers.


We are always moving forward.


It is so so so… good to be our own unique self !

Each one of us is different.

Sunish Issac

Chief Engineer

Sunish is responsible for the Chandra team in SACHA Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of Software Developement, Embedded Systems, Product Development and Electronics. He has also expertise in Industrial Iot, Startups, Patents and embedded hardware development.

Sunish currently lives in Bangalore and frequently travels to Kerala to visit his wife and 3 children. In his free time, he likes to read and listen to audio books and tinker with electronics stuff.

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C C Parameswaran

Chief Engineer

Versatile engineering and technology leader with an equal blend of experience in product development and enterprise solution implementation in diverse industries. He has over 28 years of experience with half of it in engineering design domain and half in PLM implementation.

He can comprehend complex issues thoroughly and present them perspicuously to any audience. He strives to understand customer needs and comes up with innovative and appropriate solutions.

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Lingamoorthy Chinnusamy

Account Manager

Lingamoorthy is responsible for Services business with our global customers in Chennai. 

Lings (as his friends call him) leverages his 23 years of experience in the Product Engineering, Product Life Cycle Management, ITES and Manufacturing business. He is experienced in setting up offshore business units, Agile based projects, People and Program management.

Lings lives in Chennai with his wife and his daughter. In his free time, he enjoys innovating new ideas and learning new digital technologies.

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Madhusudhan B M

Head of Sales

With 20 years of experience, Madhusudhan specializes in earning the trust of others. As a sales manager, he has mainly worked for small to medium sized companies in the Information Technology sector.


Throughout his career, he has maintained a strong record in recruitment, training and motivating staff to achieve sales and business objectives. 

Madhusudhan has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Bangalore University. He enjoys meeting new people and learning about their lives and backgrounds. 

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